Life size coreflute figures for your next event

Life size coreflute figures for your next event be it a birthday or just a catch up with friends over the summer holiday’s or even a corporate event we can provide your VIP guests. Always good for a group photo or just to have a laugh when your guests walk in.

Corflute Signage and Corflute Signs


Corflute Signage & Corflute Signs


Our Approach

We collaborate closely with you to create any life size figure you desire. Whether it be a celebrity you’re after or maybe your best friend or pet. Our customization options ensure unique and tailored designs, with attention to detail for impactful and durable corflute images.


Quality Materials and Expert Craftsmanship

We use 5mm thick corflute when manufacturing our life size figures making them strong and durable. Our eco-friendly inks are designed for exterior use so any wet weather will not affect the quality. Our skilled team ensures meticulous craftmanship using the latest technologies available.


Versatility and Applications

All Lifesize corflute figures come with a fold out corflute stand mounted to the back so as they can be free standing, this way you can place them anywhere there is level ground. They grab attention, promote special events and add excitement to celebrations such as birthdays.


Customer Satisfaction

We deliver exceptional quality through premium materials, expert craftmanship, and meticulous attention to detail. We meet deadlines with efficient project management and provide expert advice and exceptional customer service.